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Vision & Mission
Tiger Hunting End Association works towards preventing the extinction of the wild tiger and other wild animals, creating an environment whereby the wild tiger and other wild animals can thrive in its natural habitat.

To encourage people to save tiger.

To let people know the value of Tiger in eco-system, to arrange workshop, guidance camp, showing documentary movies on wildlife & environment.

To protect and promote wild tiger habitat from destruction and fragmentation.

To support community based conservation programmes within priority tiger landscapes.

We will bring a fresh and creative perspective to traditional conservation issues where appropriate.

Dwellers Hunting Aesthesia causes & Solutions

1) Generally, the villagers have been living in an area adjacent to the dwellers of the shelf life lasts really Cover in forest. Gets relief from the long-running on forest their jivanacakra (Life Cycle). Your and your family gets by slake alimentation hunting. But the law in front of the illegal act deemed to be replaced accidence ahead laws and hunting wild animals was increased to the same punishment. And adjoin forest improving living on the people certain amounts village. But they do sell to any wood and forest dwellers to go hunting for wild animals, etc. Slake asymmetrical opportunity to income compatible and your family livelihood by illegal act. The main cause of illegal work is being forest adjoin village peoples incoming.

2) If hunting wild animals dwellers to security by creating a complete stop if fencing around sector solar energy, as well as in the wake peoples, and make the streets of the main gate of the forest and the need to peoples registry on book. Approval for this city younger’s allotted them grow their affection and available income from the forest.

3) Illegality cutting, hunting is the main reason on the forest because, villagers need to bring wood to the forest dwellers to suit their daily needs. For you to make them available to the heat, and walks them to be less aesthesia and illegal forest dwellers automatically peoples forest adjoin if available from a nearby farm forest officer rates Criminal Books tendency of people illegality cutting, will refrain from hunting.

4) The main problem is income and work for the village and villager, the children are aware of school. A family member or other member’s income enhance their standard of living if their economic storage improved and their child to school can take. Hence it is ideal to be given to the institution by selling them if they get money training forest adjoin people’s sylvan bamboo materials creating market.

5) It is necessary to prepare the organization dwellers curb chain insert villages all kinds of food. Hence it is ideal to quickly get information Safari. It is important to give some amount of from institution. Hence it is ideal as you can get information about the victim or other Criminal soon be banned, and all the animals of the tiger and the hunter.
Vision & Mission
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